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Jumping into your fears

Jumping into your fears

I have read a lot about people who lost all they ever had just because they were scared of what would happen if they made “the” move. Believe me when I say, they lost a whooping lot. Some were too broke to even pick up themselves from where they fell from. As a matter of concern, many people live “practically” in fear every single day of their lives. You hear people say things like “I don’t know what will happen if I do it, I’m too scared to move on with it” and believe me, it’s completely normal to be scared of something you have never experienced before. But sometimes, the biggest mistake you will ever make in life is somehow, embedded in the risks you refused to take and the biggest breakthroughs have come from taking risks. There’s this saying in business, “NO RISK, NO PROFIT” and I can boldly say that no saying can be more true than this. 

I have been scared of a number of things in my life but I have regretted cowering before those fears more than I regret being encumbered by them. Somehow, with a lot of reading and observation, I have come to realize that within those fears we experience, are the greatest opportunities you could ever imagine! FEAR DOESN’T ALWAYS TAKE YOU FAR FROM TROUBLE, I TAKES YOU CLOSER TO FAILURE! 

Inasmuch as I believe that sometimes, our fears keep us alive but I will not fail to acknowledge the dire consequences of living IN that fear day in, day out. 

The major problem with people (which is a completely understandable and natural one) is that once fear creeps in, they seem to all of a sudden, lose their ability to make concise and logical decisions which usually end up bad for such people. 

I’m not going to give any steps to overcoming fear or judge anyone who has been a victim of fear simply because I believe in our inner ability to overcome ANYTHING that may challenge us as humans. 

However, one advice I’m going to give to everyone who is currently a victim of fear or will be, is to remain “CALM” and don’t get overridden by fear. Once you are able to accomplish this, every other thing will become easy to handle. When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING! This is so because thinking will become easy and you will be able to navigate yourself out of whatever might be plaguing you at that point in time, if only you believe in your ability to do so. 

Fear can hold you back from making any form of substantial progress in life but only if you allow it to. 

So, the next time you get very scared or anxious about something, just take a deep breath and remain calm. You’ll just find yourself JUMPING into your fears and RIDING IT TO SUCCESS! 

‘The Early Bird,…….’

‘The Early Bird,…….’

Mark was supposed to catch a flight to Denver for an important interview with his clients but he was too weak to get up from bed. The hangover from the previous night’s clubbing activities were still plaguing him. He just laid awake, eyes wide open, staring blankly at the ceiling. He was just beginning to count the number of ceiling lights that littered the beautifully decorated ceiling when he entered second gear; he was snoring this time!

There’s a popular saying that the early bird gets the worm. Well, personally, I think that bird must have inculcated some level of discipline into itself before being tagged the “early bird”. Not all “birds” can get that special title. So also, not all humans can enjoy the privileges life has destined for us without being disciplined. It takes discipline to get to the highest height of greatness! Now, let’s go back to our friend, Mr. Mark! 
After some hours of seriously deep sleep; one would think he was dead, he finally jerked himself up from the bed and sat up for the first time in almost 12 hours. Wearily, he dragged himself to the bathroom and in 15mins, he was ready. Catching a flight to Denver wasn’t difficult and in a little while, he was in his client’s office but to his greatest amazement, he found on the chair in front of him, his fiercest competitor from a rival company, discussing the same contract he had lobbied for! He stood with his mouth agape! Several questions poured from his mouth but they wouldn’t come out. All he got was a 5 seconds stare from his rival and an even meaner one from his client. That was it! He had just lost a contract that would have changed his life forever. “But, this had never happened to me before”, he thought. What went wrong??! 
A disciplined man will never have problems resulting from compromise or laziness. He will always have opportunities begging for the taking. Most importantly, the concept of discipline cuts across all aspects of life and NO MATTER HOW WEALTHY OR COMFORTABLE YOU MIGHT THINK YOU ARE, WITHOUT DISCIPLINE, YOU ARE ALWAYS GONNA BE ONE STEP AWAY FROM YOUR DOWNFALL! 

I’ll rest my case here and wish you a “DISCIPLINED” day ahead! 

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Self-discipline vs self-punishment 

Self-discipline vs self-punishment 

We all tend to regret our actions sometimes and we’re like “arrgghh”. Damn! It’s like we should just bite off our ears or crack our skulls open. Yes, I get it because I have been there, we all have. That is completely different from having to deal with the consequences of those mistakes. Our mistakes will always be our mistakes and we’ll have to cope with whatever consequence may follow.


A lot of us are addicted to one thing or another, whether we want to believe it or not. It’s just that those addicted to drugs are legally recognized while those addicted to gaming are not, that’s the only difference. Some of us are addicted to food (burgers, sandwiches, chocolates etc.), some are addicted to porn (which I believe is one of the deadliest forms of addiction) and so on. But it is not without a respite. Addictions may cost us a lot if we don’t address them and when I say a lot, I mean, a whooping lot! Infact, sometimes, it’s better imagined. However, a little bit of an infusion of self-discipline can begin the dramatic turn around! 

Self-discipline just simply means denying yourself a little bit of pleasure just to achieve your goal. It may be difficult but worthwhile. Trust me, it is! Saying “no” to watching that highly addictive porn video or saying “no” to those highly attractive pack of chocolates can just be the beginning for you. Then, from there, consistency may be needed to help you achieve your goal. That’s all! 

I’m not saying all your mistakes of the past will be erased, NO! but you’ll have another chance at life not to feel the pain of the addiction anymore or repeat those mistakes! I think that’s a better deal! 

Punishing yourself because you can’t do away with a particular form of addiction or habit will only empower that addiction over you. Apply self-discipline!

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It’s a new year and a lot of things are gonna unfold this year. There will be lots of ‘first-times’ this year. So, let me take you into a few tips to guide yourself with as you progress into the year.

The first, DON’T TAKE EVERYTHING TO HEART. Don’t act like You have a pressure cooker inside of you. Learn to flow like a river, free from obstacles. Keeping a fellow human in prison inside your heart is not as devastating as the consequence which might include but not exclusive to, being a hindrance to your visions and dreams. 

The next, ACCEPT PEOPLE THE WAY THEY ARE! Look, not everyone has the same temperament as yours. People will always differ so, you may have to drop all those self righteousness and all those perceived infallibilities and accept everyone as they are. Definitely, not everyone will be as educated as you are but you know you don’t have to be a selfishly, naughty dumbass about it! Just accept everyone the way they are, however difficult it may be. It won’t cost you a dime! 

Next, IN WHATEVER YOU DO, GIVE YOUR ALL UNLESS OF COURSE, YOU ARE DONATING BLOOD. It’s true that those who give their all, get all the best results. As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what differentiates the average from the excellent! If you were used to doing things haphazardly, that means that you were no different from the first scribbles of a child learning to write his first alphabets in life. Now you See why you’ll need to have a change of mindset this year. Just saying! 

Next on the list, LEARN TO PROTECT YOUR HEART. Now, this is to all ladies out there. Your heart as a lady, is one of your most valuable assets and not your body figure! Why do you think the female gender has been proven to be the most emotionally ‘powerful’ beings on earth? (I wouldn’t want to say ‘weak’ because that a blatant lie). As a matter of fact, those emotions can go a long way in determining the future of mankind if put into very good use. Protect your heart from intruders and thieves! It’ll be disastrous to hand over such a powerful tool to an undeserved recipient. Know who you’re opening up your heart to, not everyone is interested in your emotional development, some are just interested in using your emotions to their advantage. Be careful! 

Finally, IDENTIFY YOUR PASSION AND MAKE SOME CASH OUT OF IT, HOWEVER, THAT SHOULD NOT BE YOUR PRIMARY AIM! yeah, I know that sounded a bit confusing but make sure it sinks into your brain. Your passion should first, drive you to make an impact in your generation after which the money starts to roll in. Get the gist now? However, you’ll need to exercise patience with yourself and keep on driving your passion as hard as you can. I very well understand that this generation hates to hear the word patience but,hey, there’s nothing I can do about that. It’s a principle you just have to obey. It’s very necessary. 

Well, maybe I’ll have to stop here for now. Wishing everyone a blissful and a delightful year ahead! Keep in touch with #motionous for more posts 

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“To live,……”

Everyone thinks they are living, you know, on planet earth, but in actual fact, not everyone is. Some are just existing, some, halfway between living and existing while very few are actually living. “Living” means leaving your footprints on the sands of time, making people know that “you were here”( like a popular artiste sang).

In order to live, make efforts to influence and touch lives. Only then can you LIVE.

“Be ashamed to die unless you have won some victory for humanity”

                     Horace Mann

In whatever you do…

It is quite common for us to take little things for granted knowing that it may backfire. But then, what can we do to help ourselves? It’s quite simple; just take your time, relax and focus, not under any stress or pressure. You may not understand how easy it is to relax when under pressure until you give it a try. Trust me!