A lightening bolt is usually that flash of light you see in the sky just before or during rainfall. It precedes the thunder, although the thunder and lightening are termed thunder bolt. The lightening bolt is almost as fast as the speed of light. Now, the lightening actually has the record as the highest energy- producing element in nature, at least, in our atmosphere, so I do not see the reason why USAIN BOLT shouldn’t break records. I mean, he is only following the footsteps of his nature-brother. The first athlete to win a gold medal in three different Olympic events!! I would be unwise to start itemising his records and awards here because I wouldn’t finish in the next two days. But to be frank, that guy is FAST!!! Unarguably, the fastest man in the world, at least, until he takes to the field with me..lol.  I probably wouldn’t be seeing his back for the first 50m of the race. LOL

Usain was not born with fast legs or born an athletic genius; he developed it. He runs with ease and I tell you, his passion for athletics has put him there; at the top! USAIN BOLT is the fastest man in the world ( and not THE FLASH; BARRY ALLEN. lol) because his passion and his love for what he does surpasses that of other athletes you saw him beat on TV.